Multiplexed Audio

Matrix Switch Corporation's advanced modular, distributed Multiplexed Audio System (AMS) offers a powerful, low-latency, dedicated audio sample-synchronous platform for analog and digital audio distribution and routing.

Both 75 ohm coax or single mode fiber can be used in any combination, to connect devices in a daisy-chain or ring topology, for maximum flexibility in device placement sequence and distributed distance, whether in the same rack or dozens of kilometers away.

System wide audio format can be chosen among several options, including bit widths of 16, 24 or 32 bit; and sample rates of 48, 96, or 192 KHz - providing quality and maximum channel density trade offs to fit the application. With a maximum system size achievable of over 2000 input and 2000 output channels, at a price far lower than a dedicated fixed size matrix switcher.

Every input and output offers individual volume and polarity inversion controls. Additionally volume slew rate is configurable to smooth volume control changes and for "quiet" and clean switching without unwanted audio artifacts. Micro delay adjustments can also be made to equalize channel to channel latency across routes for intra-channel latency sensitive applications. Flexible channel grouping can be used for switching stereo or larger multi-channel groups together. All AES digital inputs support a wide range of sample rates, independent of system wide sample rate, using high quality asynchronous DSP resampling.

The system is completed with a high performance controller with several interface choices, including a built in web page interface, TCP/IP, and serial control support. Every AMS device has redundant power supply support included and automatic power failure relay bypass of the audio link, providing continued system wide service in the event of an audio device failure or maintenance. Another controller device can also be utilized as a backup controller, offering an additional level of system redundancy, in the event of controller failure or power loss.

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